, Culinary Art Lessons

Culinary Art Lessons

, Culinary Art Lessons

Introduction to Culinary concepts is an essential skill that has been known to instil the sense of achievement and self-sufficiency in children.This also helps children gain a better appreciation for the amount of work and thought that really goes into preparing meals.

Our Culinary Arts curriculum incorporates hands-on learning techniques and uses Fun Kid-friendly cooking projects to introduce basic cooking/baking skills.It gives us the opportunity to teach them about healthy and unhealthy foods. We also think it is best to make them understand how to cook in a healthy manner (for example, limiting the use of oil) so that they grow up with smart standards.

We have seen that after learning good habits such as these at a young age, children tend to carry these values with them well into adulthood. Once children are allowed to make food choices in the kitchen, it fosters their creativity and decision-making skills. It breaks down barriers and provides the groundwork for self-sufficient adults.
At Sunvalley Kids Montessori, cooking also involves practical skills.

Apart from simply learning about food and how to cook, there are many other concepts that are tastefully incorporated into our culinary escapades.Math skills come into play as baking can be a great source of practical exercise for children to learn about arithmetic, fractions, decimals, geometry and time management. It also develops the interest in science as we ask them to guess what might happen during the cooking process and demonstrate simple chemical reactions such as changes between solids, liquids and gases, dissolving, emulsions, crystallization and more.

Little introductions to other cuisines also teach kids about foreign cultures. This is a great time to start a discussion about why those cultures might eat certain foods, which ingredients they use and how they cook.