Our Programs


Infant Care

(3 months-19 months)

The program for infants is based on their interests with a lot of repetition of song, poems, finger plays and games. The literacy rich environment helps infants build phonological awareness, which is a helpful tool for building vocabulary, letter knowledge, print awareness and motivation when they reach toddlers/ preschool rooms.  The Parent/Infant Community provides a warm, nurturing and stimulating environment that allows young children and their parents to learn together in a Montessori environment that is specially prepared for the developmental needs of infants, allowing them the opportunity to explore and learn.

Music & Dancing

Reading Stories



(19 months-3 years)

The days for our toddlers are filled with make-believe fairies, music classes, games, art and much more. Children have free choices to explore and discover on their own. Play is viewed as an important part for learning and also as a source of joy.

Children also have their Montessori classes for practical, sensorial and academic experiences. Fun with different extra curriculum activities help children build positive image, expand their skills in all domains, and become independent and active learners.

Our creative activities provide daily opportunities for personal experiences, teach children to make suggestions, to show respect each other and interact socially. Children’s creative thinking, cognitive skills, social and emotional needs are supported and respected.

The Toddler Program offers very young children the unique experience of self-development in a tender atmosphere of special understanding, respect and support.  Toddlers begin building the foundation for who they are to become.  Their character, self-esteem, purpose in life, social skills and learning processes begin to form during this stage of life.  The main goals of the Toddler environment are to help the children function independently, to allow them to explore the environment and manipulate the objects in the environment freely, and to assist them in their rapid language development.



Fitness & Gymnastics





(3 years-5 years)

Preschoolers in our center are independent learners, free to make choices, to discover by themselves the joy of making friends, responsible for their own actions, and active by doing. The program, based on children’s interests, promotes children’s independence, positive self-esteem and well-being.

All classes and Montessori experiences build children’s desire for active exploration and learning, for social – emotional proactive behaviors and help children learn by doing. Children are proud of saying “I can” and “I did it”.

The Preschool classroom is well organized to allow children the freedom to select from a wide variety of activities that entice the young child to follow his innate drive to learn.


(5 years and up)

Kindergarten children have many educational activities, Montessori experiences and much more that help them get ready for school. Children learn ABC’s, numbers, games in fun unique ways. So, their experiences build a foundation of knowledge, which will help them to become independent, to enjoy learning and have positive attitude toward school. All Montessori Environments are mixed age grouping as the younger children benefit from learning by the example or direct guidance of the older children. The older children experience the opportunity to be leaders and mentors. They are all guided in their work by educators trained in Montessori methods and philosophy.